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What is Segment? How to Create Segment in Google Analytics

What is Segment? A Segment is a subset of your Google Analytics data. This advanced segment allows you to isolate specific types of traffic within your Google Analytics reporting. Using the Advanced Segment, you can filter your data in any screen that you want to check. For example, you can see your Google Analytics standard reporting data for visitors from only the United Kingdoms if that’s what you want to do. How to Create a Segment? You can create any types of segment as per your requirement however Google gives some default segment which is very useful us on many areas like to see Organic Traffic Segment, Paid Traffic Segment, Direct Traffic Segment, etc. Please see the following screen from where we can use the above type of segment to filter all Google Analytics data. Step 1: Open your Google Analytics profile Step 2: Please see below snapshot for and take action accordingly. Now, here you can select any single segment or multiple segments. For search the