Google to make your browsing faster – A new experimental feature

As we all know that on each day Google is trying to optimize website page performance, however recently we seen one new thing in which, while you searching the website in Google and open the website you can see following details.

Google Experimental Feature in Mobile Browsing Faster

This page is generated by Google to use less data than the original page. This page and its links are all served by Google to make your browsing faster. This is an experimental feature.

Above snapshot was served by Google in which they display less data as compare to actual one to down page load time of the website. Please see following is the actual snapshot of the blog.

Google Experimental Feature in Mobile Browsing Faster - Original Screen


Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings To Webmasters

This is the first time Google is sending mass scale notifications via email and Webmaster Tools warning sites that are not mobile-friendly that it will cause issues for them if they want to rank well for smartphone users.

These notifications contain the subject “fix mobile usability issues found on…” It then goes on to explain that these sites have critical mobile usability errors on 100% of the pages on the site and thus the pages will be “displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”

Please see the copy of the email sent to webmasters:


Google Mobile Usability in Google Search

Typically, Google only notified sites that were supposedly mobile friendly, when it has mobile usability issues. But now, it seems like the algorithm they may have been testing around mobile ranking might be going into affect in the near future.

Google+ Reviews Has A 4,000 Character Limit

Google Places Reviews

On recent group discussion thread Google Employee Jade Wang informs user about maximum limit to add Google Local Reviews.

Also, how many of you know that there is a max character limit of 4,000 characters when leaving a review on a business or organization within the Google+ local pages?

Please see following text written by Jade Wang.

@Juliette, I think you may be hitting a character limit for reviews (~4000 characters). I know you spent a long time on the review, but is there a way you could try to cut it shorter and see if it will post?

So you need to add each positive or negative reviews for anybody you must need to finish this within 4000 characters.