Hummingbird – Google Rewrites Algorithm after 12 years

On Thursday, Google had a press event to announce new changes they have been working on in search, as well discuss the progression over the 15 years of their existence.

Part of that was to announce that they have rewrote their search algorithm for the first time in about twelve-years. They call it Hummingbird.



Hummingbird is just Google new code-named the rewrite. The algorithm itself is almost the same, but I assume cleaned up and rewritten to be faster and more accurate.

Google Search Timeline

Some Solution For Not Provided Data with Danbarker Free Not Provided Kit

As you know about Google will move 100% in today it is on 77%. As many days all people search about the solution and how we will find organic keywords from (not provided) section on the website. In forums i seen some following type of discussion like

Google Not Provided Data Graph

1) Improve website search facilities and maintain each search in records.
2) Review your Google Webmaster search queries.
3) Google Adwords with complete broad match keywords.
4) Track clicks on blog tags, or install more query-based navigation systems.

You can also take some of Google Analytics data to get insights around the data that Google will give you. Dan Barker created a site that currently contains six dashboards that will be added to your Google Analytics screens that will give you some of those insights. They include:

(A) Your Current Percentage: A single-chart dashboard showing your current ‘not provided’ percentage (ie. how much open data remains).

(B) Full Dashboard: A full dashboard of trends for ‘not provided’, including graphs, metrics, and breakdowns by browser, device, etc.

(C) Detailed Report: A more detailed custom report showing full landing page info for not provided traffic.

(D) ‘Not Provided’ Segment: An advanced segment allowing you to see any Google Analytics reports for just ‘not provided’ traffic.

(E) ‘Keyword Known’ Segment: An advanced segment showing any report only where Google organic keyword data was known.

(F) A ‘Not Google’ Segment: This ‘Non-Google’ organic search segment shows you data only where you do have perfect keyword data from other search engines that you can act on.

» Install the Google Analytics ‘Not Provided’ Kit Now.

(Click the above link to add all/some of the 6 addons to any Google Analytics account)

Google will not provide keyword data in Google Analytics – “not provided” data increased

Recently Google announces that he will make a motion to secure connection (https) and he secure all his searches from the Google Analytics eye. So for these changes it directly affect in our keyword section in Google Analytics. As you all have seen that last few years Google included “(not provided)” data in Google Analytics and day by day it will be increased.

Not Provided Data in Google Analytics with nzden

What is secure search and how can not provided data increased?

From 1st November 2011, Google has started to display “not supplied” data in Google Analytics with only 0.23% of total organic results. But is increasing day by day and not it is near around 74% and will soon reach to 90 to 95% then we can’t see keywords in the organic section. When any person searches any data while login their personal gmail account at that time Google can’t see their data because they are in secure connection (like https). So for this reason Google display (not provided) data in Google Analytics. Now recently Google announces that they completely move to https means secure searches then no one can see the complete data in Google Analytics.

As per the calculation, till 5th December 2013, Google will completely move to https and may be in keyword section you just seen “(not provided)” data. 

Please see the Google Anti Spam Head Matt Cutt video. He explains about not provided data in SMX 2013. Please review video at 38:00 minutes.