Google SLOW Label – Red Alert For Slow Website

Few weeks ago, there are many discussion about Googl SLOW Label however many people search but no one seen this.

While searching today morning I got the chance to see the Google RED label.

Google SLOW RED Label

Google already announce that mobile friendly and page speed are the ranking signals however now display SLOW red color label in Google Search will decrease website CTR(click through rate)

Impact for this changes

For this changes, if your website rank in first page however search display RED SLOW label then user may not open your website.

Yet Google did not officially confirmed about this changes. Previously Rusty also updated this on twitter.

What is Segment? How to Create Segment in Google Analytics

What is Segment?

A Segment is a subset of your Google Analytics data. This advanced segments allows you to isolate specific types of traffic within your Google Analytics reporting.Using Advanced Segment, you can filter your data in any screen that you want to check. For example, you can see your Google Analytics standard reporting data for visitors from only the United Kingdoms if that’s what you want to do.

How to Create Segment?

You can create many type of segment as per your requirement however Google give some default segment which are very useful us on many areas like to see Organic Traffic Segment, Paid Traffic Segment, Direct Traffic Segment, etc.

Please see following screen from where we can use above type of segment to filter all Google Analytics data.

Step 1: Open your Google Analytics profile

Step 2: Please see below snapshot for and take action accordingly.

How to Create Segment in Google Analytics

Now, here you can select any single segment or multiple segment. For search the segment, there are one search box mention on right side so you can search segment from here.

How to Remove Segment in Google Analytics

By press of red button “New Segment”, you can create your custom segment like if you require organic data however exclude one specific country then please see the following snapshot in which i have created one custom segment which will help for these kind of specific dynamic requirement

How to Create New Segment in Google Analytics

Here you can see the condition that i have applied to get above kind of data. In right side you can also see the filter data percentage and visitors preview detail after apply above condition.

Please let me know if you require any help to create custom segment in Google Analytics or require to create any custom segment for your website.

Google to make your browsing faster – A new experimental feature

As we all know that on each day Google is trying to optimize website page performance, however recently we seen one new thing in which, while you searching the website in Google and open the website you can see following details.

Google Experimental Feature in Mobile Browsing Faster

This page is generated by Google to use less data than the original page. This page and its links are all served by Google to make your browsing faster. This is an experimental feature.

Above snapshot was served by Google in which they display less data as compare to actual one to down page load time of the website. Please see following is the actual snapshot of the blog.

Google Experimental Feature in Mobile Browsing Faster - Original Screen